Purchasing with a credit card

Would you like to buy with a credit card within your organization? Or do you already buy with a credit card within your organization, but isn’t it clear where these expenditures go? Please continue reading. Corlido Group facilitates Purchasing-Card (P-Card) services, a convenient and safe way to make small purchases and monitor your expenditures. Buyers can purchase through our custom-made e-procurement tool called COPS (Corlido Online Procurement System) and the invoice will be paid for automatically paid with the credit card.

New way of purchasing

Procurement and supply chain organization, Corlido Group, offers a new way of buying. From now on, it is possible to make purchases easily through credit card. One of the great advantages of the P-Card is that it provides an easy and fast way to make small purchases. Paperwork will be reduced as purchase orders and invoices are no longer necessary. The need for direct reimbursements is eliminated. You can place an order in our e-procurement system called Corlido Online Procurement System (COPS) and Corlido Group coordinates the rest. We take care of the entire logistical and financial process.

Purchase faster

Many of our clients are large international organizations. Before buyers can purchase a product, they have to get up-front approvals. This is time-consuming; it often takes at least one week before the goods can actually be ordered, compromising the organization’s primary business process. By purchasing through COPS and paying by credit card, you have access to your requested products by the next day. Up-front approvals are eliminated and the goods can be ordered immediately, speeding up the purchasing process.

Your spending under control

We often hear from clients, who already buy with a credit card, that they do not have a clear overview of their expenses. In other words, they do not know how much money is spent by which supplier. By purchasing with your credit card at Corlido Group, you will get a clear overview of these expenses, otherwise known as “spending under control”. You can continue purchasing with your credit card while you are in control. We provide you with a transparent list showing where and how much you purchase. Multiple vendors are limited to one supplier, namely Corlido Group, leading to a better expenditure control.

Save costs

You can also save money by improving the financial process. Purchases are automatically booked to the appropriate cost center/cost element. Your employees spend less time figuring out invoices, approving orders and carrying out direct reimbursements, meaning they will have more time to focus on their core business.

Your advantages:

  • Place orders with ease via COPS;
  • Quickly receive goods and supplies;
  • Eliminate up-front approval processes;
  • Reduce paperwork: No purchase requisitions and no supplier invoice to process.

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