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Corlido Group helps the industry optimise their procurement and logistics process. We take your operational procurement to a higher level. Corlido Group offers a complete range of services, from managing the tail spend to supplying specific commodities. Through our many years of experience, we have attained in-depth knowledge on procurement in the industrial sector. We work for a wide range of companies in the industrial branch, such as food, chemical and machinery. Our procurement experts are happy to advise!

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Indirect procurement industry

The core business of the industry is treating raw materials in order to manufacture new products. Priority here is optimising those procurement categories that relate strongly to your core business. These are the contracted suppliers. In addition, there is a large group of non-contracted suppliers. This pool of c-suppliers is ideal for outsourcing. Reduce your supplier base, save costs and increase service for your employees.

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Corlido Group helps ExxonMobil by cataloging and standardizing repetitive items, customized per location. This results in considerable cost savings on the indirect procurement process.


Project Supply

The project partner for the purchase of a wide range of technical products.

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Piping Supply

The specialist in supplying pipes, fittings, flanges, special forged products, o-let/branch fittings, valves, studbolts en gaskets.

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