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Corlido Group helps the government to optimize the purchasing and logistics process. Such as the central government (the State), regional government, provinces, water boards and local government. We take your operational purchasing to a higher level. Corlido Group offers a complete range of services. From taking over the tail spend to supplying specific commodities. Thanks to years of experience, we have in-depth knowledge of government procurement. Our purchasing specialists are happy to advise you.

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Government indirect procurement

The government’s core task is to serve citizens. The priority is to optimize the procurement categories that are close to the government. You make contract agreements with these suppliers. In addition, a large group of non-contracted suppliers remains. This large group of c suppliers is extremely suitable for outsourcing. Reduce the supplier base, save costs and increase service for internal employees.

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Through a European Tender, GVB has placed a wide range of wholesale materials lawfully and efficiently with one partner.


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The unique e-procurement tool COPS merges multiple catalogues into one. Search multiple catalogues at once. One purchasing tool for the entire tail spend.

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You put a tender on the market to get the best out of the market. Corlido Group tenders for these tenders. We delve into the tender and the organization in order to compose a tender that suits your needs and question. We compile the registrations with care.

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