Corlido Group celebrates 25th anniversary

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Corlido Group celebrates its 25th anniversary on 6 November. Since its establishment in 1995 as a pioneering industrial wholesaler focused on the regional market, Corlido has experienced continuous growth over the years and has developed as an International Procurement & Logistic Service provider. Nowadays, Corlido has evolved into a truly international company with operations across the world, committed to providing our multinational clients such as Shell, Philips and Cargill with the very best in global procurement & logistic services.

Cornelius Lippe Doevendans established Corlido in 1995. His short name became the company’s name. The origins lie in Schoonebeek in Drenthe, from where they moved to Emmen in 2013. Starting there with 25 employees, Corlido has grown rapidly to an organization with currently more than 100 professionals and 21 branches worldwide. Today, Corlido’s headquarters are still located in Emmen, the Netherlands while our local offices support our clients both in the Netherlands and worldwide (e.g. Middle East, Russia, Africa, US).

Originally, Corlido’s business was started as a service for the Oil & Gas industry. Today, however, Corlido’s procurement and logistic services assist businesses including healthcare, education, industry, public sector and oil and gas business the company is active in different markets. In the 25 years of its existence, Corlido has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thanks to this expertise, its versatility and progressive ICT solutions, Corlido has managed to conquer a unique position in the purchasing market. Customers appreciate the Drenthe sobriety that characterizes the employees and the consistent quality that is delivered. We promote a culture of ownership internally and valued by our clients for our “can-do” and “deliver as promised” attitude.

The growth has not yet stopped, as evidenced by a continued influx of new customers and new orders. We continue working to open new (local) international affiliates to meet our client’s needs. Despite the global pandemic, Corlido continues to grow and feels confident about the future. Corlido, professional procurement and logistic organization. ‘Gewoon uut Drenthe’.

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