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Corlido Group’s concept is unique

Corlido Group is an extension of your procurement department. Together, we determine which solutions work best for your procurement process and supply chain issues. As each organisation is unique, Corlido Group tailors its services to your needs. Corlido Group has developed a unique concept, in which comprehensive advantages are realised by simplifying the procurement process and lowering the prime cost.

What makes us different?


Corlido Group is an independent supplier with no set assortment. We deliver an unlimited range of products. We get quotes from several suppliers in order to guarantee the highest level of quality, service, cost-efficiency and delivery times.


Corlido Group is 100% transparent, working on a basis of open calculation. We offer insight into all specs of what is being purchased, from where and at what price. We provide you with a periodical management report, ensuring you will be informed at all times and able to make adjustments where necessary.

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