Simplify non-contract purchases with COPS

One e-procurement tool, one creditor and access to an unlimited assortment

Your tailor-made e-procurement tool that enables you to digitise non-contract purchases. Reduce the number of invoices and suppliers and broaden your assortment extensively. All your indirect purchases in one e-procurement tool, tailored to your needs.

One e-procurement that merges multiple catalogues into one

One tool for the entire tail spend.

Multiple preferred suppliers in one e-procurement tool

The webshops of stock-based preferred suppliers linked to COPS.

Free text orders

Request a quotation for any needs you might have outside of the catalogue. Maverick buying is a thing of the past: get a grip on all your spend.

Approval stream

Our approval stream is simple and quick. All purchases bought correctly and approved by the manager.

Insight into your ordering process

Check and monitor all your orders in the order status.


All your tail spend digitally invoiced, including one-off suppliers. The amount of irregularities is reduced to a bare minimum, unburdening the financial department.

+ suppliers
+ products

Why it matters

  • One supplier, managing thousands for you: single-creditor-model.
  • Increase internal user-friendliness.
  • Save time and money: lower the TCO.
  • Get a grip on all expenditures.
  • Enjoy favourable purchase prices.
  • Increase effectiveness and compliance.


Corlido Group is fully integrated with the SAP Ariba network. The SAP Ariba allows you to manage your entire procurement process, control your expenditure and optimise the entire supply chain. Corlido Group supports organisations that are linked to the SAP Ariba network in order to meet their targets, increase both internal and external customer satisfaction, simplify the procurement process and improve cash flow.


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