Invoice and supplier base reduction

Reduce your supplier base by up to 80%

Procurement often does business with too many different suppliers. New creditors are created daily for one-time purchases. These are mainly C suppliers who make up to 80% of the supplier base. Maintaining this supplier database is time-consuming and expensive. Organizations save up to 21% on costs, productivity and effectiveness by reducing their supplier base.

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Reduce your supplier base by:

  • Replacing the large group of c suppliers with a single total supplier;
  • Organize the purchasing and ordering process more efficiently;
  • Digitize and automate the invoices;
  • Unburdening operational purchasing, the goods receipt department, the warehouse and the financial department.

Supplier base reduction with Corlido Group

Corlido Group is the total supplier with an unlimited product range. We are an independent supplier without a fixed range. You reduce your supplier base from thousands of billing suppliers to one total supplier.

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The advantages

  • One point of contact, one invoice, one payment term.
  • Optimization of internal processes.
  • Taking care of the internal customer.
  • Focus on strategic issues.
  • Reduce internal costs and save up to 21%.

Do you want to reduce your invoice and supplier base?

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