Invoice and supplier base reduction

Reduce your supplier base, up to 80%

The procurement department often deals with too many suppliers. New creditors are created on a daily basis for one-off purchases. These are mostly c-suppliers, making up to 80% of your total suppliers. Managing this pool is time-consuming and costly. Reduce both suppliers and invoices and save up to 21% on costs, productivity and efficiency.

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Reduce supplier base by:

  • Replacing the large group of c-suppliers by one overall supplier;
  • Increasing efficiency in your procurement and ordering process;
  • Digitalising your invoices;
  • Unburdening your financial and operational procurement department, goods intake and the warehouse.

Supplier base reduction with Corlido Group

Corlido Group is the overall, independent supplier with an unlimited product assortment, helping you to reduce your supplier base – and the thousands of invoices that come with it – to one overall supplier.

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  • One point-of-contact, one invoice, one payment term.
  • Optimisation of internal processes.
  • Unburdening your internal client.
  • More time to focus on your strategic procurement.
  • Lower your internal costs and save up to 21%.

Would you like to reduce your invoice- and supplier base?

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