Non product related indirect procurement

Indirect procurement, a hidden treasure

Organizations can save time and money by optimising their indirect procurement. Corlido helps you to achieve this.


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Stop creating new creditors on a daily basis

Corlido Group is your overall supplier for indirect purchases

Your priority is optimising your direct procurement, whereas indirect procurement usually is not top-of-mind. Also called NPR (Non Product Related) procurement.

Operational procurement creates new creditors every day. You are clueless as to which products are bought from which supplier. Random indirect procurement leads to minimal control, minimal insight and minimal contract management. You rarely get the best cost/quality ratio and internal costs are high.

Recognizable? Do you want to focus on your direct procurement? And outsource your indirect procurement?

Corlido Group is the specialist in taking over your NPR purchases. We have developed a single creditor model. One supplier, managing thousands of c-suppliers for you.

Outsource indirect procurement

Save up to 21% on indirect procurement costs


  • Replacing the large group of c-suppliers with one overall supplier (single-creditor-model);
  • One point-of-contact, one invoice, one payment term;
  • Digitalising NPR purchases.

Digitising indirect procurement

Optimise the indirect procurement process with COPS. One tool for all indirect purchases, tailor-made to your needs.

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Advantages of outsourcing indirect procurement

  • Get a grip on the indirect procurement process.
  • More time for strategic procurement.
  • Reduce internal costs up to 21%.
  • One supplier, managing thousands for you (single-creditor-model).
  • One tool for all indirect purchases.

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