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From invoice settlement to the source-to-pay or procure-to-pay process. We are happy to take it over for you. Corlido Group has all the knowledge to optimize your operational procurement process. Our procurement specialists are happy to advise you.

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Benefits of outsourcing procurement

Optimize the procurement process and save costs

We help organizations to reduce indirect costs and optimize the procurement process. Outsourcing indirect procurement, in particular, brings many advantages.

You can focus on your core activities, keep full control and continue to determine which products/services are purchased from which suppliers and under which conditions.

  • Optimize the operational procurement process.
  • More time for strategic purchasing.
  • One supplier for thousands (single-creditor model).
  • Reduce the supplier and invoice file by up to 80%.
  • Reduce internal costs and save up to 21%.
Outsource purchasing

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