Tail spend management

Consolidate your tail spend with one supplier

Corlido Group is the expert in tail end spend management. We developed a single-creditor-model. Get rid of redundant suppliers and replace the large pool of c-suppliers by one supplier, Corlido Group.

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Tail spend management

Tail spend management is managing the c-suppliers in order to optimise the procurement process.

Tail end spend management is based on the Pareto principle, also known as the “80/20 rule”. The Pareto principle states that, in many cases, about 80% of the output is a result of 20% of the causes. This principle can also be applied to supply chains, whereby:

“80% of suppliers is represented by 20% of the procurement costs.”

This 20% of your costs is what tail end spend is, also known as the ‘long tail’. Characteristics of tail spend are:

  • Non-contract purchases
  • Uncontrolled purchases
  • Low value/low risk
  • Low volume
  • Spot buys: Ad-hoc and one-off purchases
  • Declarations
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Digitise the tail spend with COPS

The procurement tool for the entire tail spend. Access an endless assortment in one single tool.

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Advantages of tail spend management

  • One supplier, managing thousands for you (single-creditor-model).
  • Invoice and supplier base reduction at up to 80%.
  • More time for strategic procurement.
  • Get a grip on the tail spend.
  • Decrease internal costs and save up to 21%.

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