Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

Form the basis for our management system. We strive for a constant balance between the 3 Ps (People, Planet and Profit).

People – human

  • Staff training.
  • Safety.
  • Social return.
  • Project group encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
  • Project group deploying staff for a good cause.
  • House rules.

Planet – Earth

  • Registration of energy, paper and waste consumption.
  • Use of green energy.
  • Reuse of packaging material and use of packaging material has decreased due to the consolidation of shipments.
  • Reducing the number of transport movements by consolidating shipments.
  • Energy reduction project group.

Profit – profit

  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous improvement of our ERP system entirely according to your needs.

Supplier Qualification System

What is SQS?

At Corlido Group, quality is of paramount importance. In order to deliver a high-quality end product, every supplier in the entire chain must perform to the maximum. Corlido Group is continuously working to improve its existing relationships with clients and suppliers. Part of this is the supplier qualification. To qualify the best suppliers, we have developed our own Supplier Qualification System (SQS).

All our suppliers are requested to complete a questionnaire related to health, safety, environment and quality. This questionnaire is used to measure whether the suppliers meet the supplier requirements of the client. If a supplier does not meet the qualification criteria, the supplier may be excluded from our supplier network.


Our supplier base is classified according to the degree of sustainability by means of a sustainability label. We place orders with preferred suppliers unless clients explicitly want to deviate from this. We actively monitor suppliers who score low and are encouraged to implement a sustainability policy. We have an extensive list of sustainability requirements for this. We offer a reporting tool to show the degree of sustainability of the purchases. Based on these reports, Corlido Group advises on how to make your supplier base more sustainable.


ISO 9001 14001

The HSEQ Management System has been set up in accordance with the requirements of the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and NEN-EN-ISO 14001:2015 standard. Both certified by LRQA.

ISO 26000

Corlido Group uses the ISO 26000 standard for the systematic integration of social responsibility in the organisation. Publication of our self-declaration can be found on the NEN NEN Publication platform.

Our clients

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