Reduce logistics burden and risks

Our purchasing services are supplemented with logistics services. Corlido Group provides all logistics solutions to deliver the right goods, at the right time and at the right place. Regardless of size, weight or location.

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  • Ordering
  • Trace
  • Transport & customs services
  • Incoming goods control
  • Storage, consolidation & repackaging
  • Transport & customs services
  • Deliver
  • Expedition

    We handle any type of shipment and collect all information regarding the shipment. We ship and distribute to any destination, all over the world.

    In-house customs clearance

    Corlido Group has expertise on transport to all continents. We take care of all documentation and certification. In addition, we take care of customs clearance and all export-related paperwork. This includes hazardous goods and dual use items.

Types of deliveries

Consolidated Delivery

In the case of consolidated delivery, the stock-keeping supplier delivers to the Corlido Group warehouse. After the incoming goods have been checked (shortage, damage, etc.), they are repacked and labelled. The client is assured of a 100% correct delivery because Corlido Group carries out the entry check. The various deliveries are sent in one shipment to the desired delivery addresses on the agreed delivery day(s).

Direct delivery

In the case of direct delivery, the goods are delivered directly from the stock-keeping supplier or producer to the client. The client is assured of fast delivery.


  • Optimize the supply chain.
  • Unburden the logistics department.
  • Reduce the number of delivery times.

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