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Making an invoice payable costs a lot of time and money. It has a long lead time and involves risks. The one-off purchases in particular are labour-intensive and prone to errors. Reduce your administrative burden by letting Corlido Group take over the invoice processing of the c suppliers.

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  • One total supplier, one invoice

    When your organisation places an order with a supplier, Corlido Group uses this supplier as invoice creditor. The invoice is received, checked, scanned, booked and paid by Corlido Group.

    You will receive only one invoice, of one overall supplier with one payment term. You place the order yourself while Corlido Group manages the financial process. Depending on your preference, you can either receive an invoice per order or one overall invoice per week or even month. The result? A comprehensive reduction of your invoices and suppliers.

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Stop creating new creditors every day

Corlido Group is the total supplier for all one-off purchases

E-invoicing & self-billing

Save costs by reducing manual operations. We send and process all sales invoices electronically. Errors are prevented and the turnaround time is accelerated. We use scanning software. The purchase invoices are automatically imported and, if possible, directly matched with the deliveries. Deviations are prevented. Through self-billing, invoices are periodically processed in payment batches and paid automatically after approval. One payment for thousands of purchase orders.


  • Single-creditor model: One point of contact, one invoice, one payment term.
  • Reduce the invoice and supplier base.
  • Reduce invoice differences.
  • Unburden the financial, logistics and purchasing department.
  • Lower the TCO, save up to 21%.

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