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Optimise your source-to-pay process

Our source-to-pay (P2P) services will help organise your entire procurement process more efficiently, from sourcing up to the payment. Reduce manual and paper work, as well as maverick buying. Trim down your supplier catalogue with as much as 80% and lower your TCO. Get a grip on your source-to-pay process.

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  • Outsourcing the source-to-pay process

    In addition to procure-to-pay, Corlido Group also manages the source-to-pay process. Corlido Group consults the market, based on your organisation’s specifications, and selects a supplier based on the optimal commercial conditions.

Digitise the source-to-pay process with COPS

COPS (Corlido Online Procurement System) is the procurement tool for the source-to-pay process. COPS offers access to an endless assortment in one procurement tool.

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  • Single-creditor-model: one point-of-contact, one invoice, one payment term.
  • Invoice and supplier base reduction.
  • Reduce invoice irregularities.
  • Unburden your financial, logistics and procurement departments.
  • Lower your TCO, up to 21%.

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