Source to Pay (S2P)

Optimize your source to pay process

Our source to pay (S2P) services will help organise your entire procurement process more efficiently, from sourcing up to the payment. Corlido Group is your overall supplier for indirect purchases. Trim down your supplier catalogue up to 80% and get a grip on your source to pay process.

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    In addition to procure-to-pay, Corlido also provides the source-to-pay process. Corlido consults the market on the basis of the specification provided by your organization and selects a supplier based on the best commercial conditions.

    One supplier for the entire s2p process

    Corlido has developed a unique concept. The single creditor model – one overall supplier for the complete tail spend. We are an independent supplier with no set assortment. We deliver an unlimited range of products. We get quotes from several suppliers in order to guarantee the highest level of quality, service, cost-efficiency and delivery times. Corlido is 100% transparent, working on a basis of open calculation. As each organisation is unique, we tailor your services to your needs.

    The result: endless small orders without a long list of new suppliers.

Digitize the source to pay process with COPS

COPS (Corlido Online Procurement System) is the e-procurement tool for digitizing the source to pay process. COPS offers access to an endless assortment in one tool. Bundle your S2P process into one system. Buyers can easily source products, request quotes and place orders. Available as web-based standalone version or integrated PunchOut.

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When your organisation places an order with a supplier, Corlido uses this supplier as invoice creditor. The invoice is received, checked, scanned, booked and paid by Corlido.

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Besides source to pay and pay only, Corlido places a purchase order at your chosen supplier. We monitor the order up until delivery.

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Advantages optimizing the s2p process

  • Single-creditor model: One point of contact, one invoice, one payment term.
  • Reduce the invoice and supplier base.
  • Reduce invoice differences.
  • Unburden the financial, logistics and purchasing department.
  • Lower the TCO, save up to 21%.
  • Get a grip on your source to pay process.

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