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Our purchasing services are supplemented with warehouse services.

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  • Ordering
  • Trace
  • Transport & customs services
  • Incoming goods control
  • Storage, consolidation & repackaging
  • Transport & customs services
  • Deliver
  • Incoming goods control

    We extensively check all the goods in our warehouse, determining whether they are the right products and whether they are in proper condition. All cargo gets measured, weighed and photographed – all according to your wishes.

  • Storage, consolidation & repackaging

    Corlido Group offers a wide range of storage facilities in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Our warehouse is located in the Netherlands. The goods are collected in the warehouse and distributed from there to the agreed location. Express deliveries are delivered directly.

  • In house customs warehouse

    Corlido Group stores Non-Union goods in areas approved by Customs and under customs supervision. Corlido Group may store the goods for an indefinite period until the goods:
    • are placed under a subsequent customs procedure;
    • be destroyed;
    • leave the customs territory of the Union.

You do not have to pay import duties and other charges for the goods. Nor does Corlido Group have to comply with trade policy measures, insofar as these do not prohibit the goods from entering or leaving the customs territory. This offers an economic advantage. Corlido Group also uses the customs warehouse as a distribution centre.


  • Unburden the warehouse.
  • 100% delivery reliability.
  • No partial deliveries.

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